VIDEO: Dan Johnson’s apology at the 9.10.13 meeting

Dan Johnson’s apology at the 9.10.13 meeting. He said more later in the meeting, but that’s not included in this video.

8 thoughts on “VIDEO: Dan Johnson’s apology at the 9.10.13 meeting

  1. It’s clear he needs to hire a public relations consultant. His relations with his constituents are horrible. So much of what he said in that speech should never have been spoken.

  2. Wow, every time I see that I am amazed. He has such utter contempt for all of the haters. He has no level of acceptance for his mistake. No acknowledgement of its gravity, and no clue how to offer a remorseful apology. Of course, why apologize when you have never done anything wrong.

  3. So to summarize: according to Dan, it is okay to do something illegal or immoral if you do other “good” things; it is okay to do wrong if you believe others also do wrong; no one should pay attention if a community leader does something wrong because it is more important to focus on the job description of the body that person belongs to; and lying and cheating are fine as long as you’re doing it for someone else. Even now he claims to have “written” his speech, when it was all stolen! As an educator, I am appalled that such a moral parasite has invaded our community.

  4. I guess Dan Johnson must have taken his mantra from the cheesy 1970’s movie “Love Story.” “Love is never having to say you’re sorry.” Sorry -, Dan, we can all do without that kind of love.

  5. Dan had every opportunity even at this meeting to make things right with everyone. I’m not sure why he is so indignant and upset, he feels like public enemy #1 with a huge axe to grind. He just can’t get out of his own way and instead starts yelling at someone in the audience. By all accounts Dan is a ruthless and shady businessman, I’m not sure what good deeds he keeps referring to. It’s pretty clear he lacks the sensitivity to be a school board representative that I would want in office. He gets choked up right at the point he’s about to apologize, then doubles down on indignancy. It must be lonely at the top. I have to say if Danco wasn’t so successful and had such a checkered history of broken promises and shady dealings, I think people (“the liberal elite”)might have treated him a little more decently.

    • We did sort of rip him a new one. Unfortunately for Dan he just fed into people’s worst impressions by sounding like an uneducated boob. A lack of education on what constitutes plagiarism I can forgive him it’s the complete lack of sensitivity to people’s concerns that is more concerning. Ultimately he just isn’t a good fit for a school board.

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