The Not-So-Great Escape

Raw from the Sheriff’s Office:


On April 26, 2013 an inmate roadside work crew was clearing brush near the densely wooded area of Coopers Gulch in Eureka.  The Correctional Officer supervising the crew overhead a male voice yelling, “stop” and “get on the ground.”  The Correctional Officer went to investigate and found that an inmate, James Miles of McKinleyville, had escaped from the work crew.  An off duty police officer who was recreating in the area, saw Miles running and recognized him as an inmate.  The off duty police officer apprehended the escaping inmate and turned him over to the Correctional Officer.  Miles was returned to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility and booked for Escape from a County Jail.  Miles was serving 365 days in jail for a misdemeanor violation of probation.  If convicted of the escape, Miles could face up to one additional year in the county jail.