Rooms deemed unsafe at dilapidated Orick motel

Portions of the Green Valley Motel in Orick were red tagged on Monday by County Environmental Health, with residents told to vacate the premises by the end of the week.

The dilapidated motel has been the subject of numerous complaints over the last couple years, with residents complaining of overflowing toilets, cockroaches, wires hanging from the walls, leaky faucets and leaky roofs.

Supervising Environmental Health Specialist Kevin Metcalfe said the county posted a “notice to vacate” Monday for five of the motel’s 18 units. The notice also applied to the motel’s office and second-story “bunkhouse,” which Metcalfe said is an unpermitted living unit.

Metcalfe said the residents in the units that were tagged have until Friday to vacate. He said he didn’t know how many of the units are occupied. Some are vacant, he said, but it’s not clear how many people live in the other units.

Monday’s action came after numerous warnings to the owner to repair problems over the last couple years. Deficiencies cited by Environmental Health include leaking roofs, falling roof tiles, and water leaking onto electrical panels, all of which pose a hazard to residents.

Not all the rooms at the motel received a notice to vacate because the county hasn’t been able to inspect all the rooms, Metcalfe said.

The owner of the motel could not be reached for comment as of press time. However, when interviewed by the Times-Standard for article in May of 2012, a representative of the motel conducting maintenance said some of the complaints were malicious and nothing more than an effort to get back at the landlord for evictions.


2 thoughts on “Rooms deemed unsafe at dilapidated Orick motel

  1. It may help if you check your facts before you write a ‘story’ about something. Environmental Health and the Building Inspector DID check ALL occupied rooms at the Green Valley on several occasions since December of ’12. Most of the complaints ARE nothing more than malicious payback to the owner for evictions. If you don’t pay rent, you should expect to be evicted. There are several long standing tenants of the Green Valley who don’t have a problem in getting repairs done. Granted, they may not be the speediest, but they are addressed. Its hard to keep things in repair when you have tenants that just keep breaking things to ‘get back’ at the Owner/Management.
    There are people that are living there, as they have no other place to move. This latest attack on the Motel was brought on by the on site manager to get repairs done to the office.
    Is it the Ritz? Not by a long shot. But it is a place to live that is not on the streets.
    Every time that a story has been written about the Green Valley it has been taken on the word of a disgruntled (former) tenant or manager.

  2. Susan,
    The article was based upon an interview with Kevin Metcalfe of county Environmental Health.

    For next week’s paper, reporter Benjamin Fordham is writing a more in-depth article. If you’re connected with the motel or have other sources we should contact, please email me at Benjamin can interview you, or Paul Hewitt, or both.

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