RAMBLING: McKMAC should tackle Central Ave. project

So the uber controversial Central Avenue median proposal is dead, as it should be. But there’s still $800,000 in funding available to make safety improvements on Central Avenue between School and Hiller roads.

ramblingbox.iguanaThe funding, obtained by Humboldt County Public Works, gives McKinleyville a golden opportunity to make some serious improvements to this stretch of roadway.

As previously discussed by the McKinleyville Municipal  Advisory Committee, the median was a bad idea. It would limit access to local businesses and make it extremely difficult for large cars to get to the other side of the street.
But what other improvements could be made? Are there sections where mini-medians would work? How about colorizing the bicycle lanes as a traffic-calming measure? Are there areas where additional crosswalks could be installed?

The answers to these questions should come from the people who know best – the residents and business owners in Mack Town.

This is a great opportunity for the fledgling McKMAC to step up and take a leadership role. There is $800,000 in safety-related road funding earmarked for this particular stretch of roadway. How would the McKMAC, in consultation with residents and businesses, like to see this money spent?





2 thoughts on “RAMBLING: McKMAC should tackle Central Ave. project

  1. Thanks for the update.

    I know that our Supervisor Sundberg was also involved in the clarification of this confusion.

    I am en-heartened to see that the county planning department actually listens to both the MMAC and us, the residents.

    None of us want to see all that free money go away. I suggest we all think of proposals that would be of the greatest benefit to our neighbors and businesses.

    I have a couple of ideas to be submitted.

    Think of ways we can speak for those with disabilities, are underrepresented or are not vocal with their needs. Not everyone is a big mouth such as yours truly.

    None of us want to see that free money go away.

    Although I do see and think that McKinleyville is running pretty smoothly with community services, resident needs and very importantly, visual enhancement.

    My thanks to all involved.

  2. Central Ave. is fine as is. Street lighting and sidewalks on Hiller, however, are about 50 years overdue. Let’s work on that now.

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