PONY EXPRESS: Gymkhana at Rodeo Grounds

When Pony Express Days was first concieved 45 years ago, the main event was an equestrian race.

A lof has changed since then. The town has grown from a scattering of ranches to a bedroom community with large subdivisions, two major shopping centers and several strip malls.

2011_PonyExpress_LogoBut there’s still an active equestrain community, which will hold a Gymkhana all day Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2 at the McKinleyville Rodeo Grounds. Riders will compete in a series of competitive games on horseback.

The McKinleyville Rodeo Grounds are located at the end of Kjer Road. Drive north on Central Avenue. Just south of the Clam Beach Inn is Kjer Road on the west side of Central Avenue. Take Kjer Road to the end to reach the rodeo grounds.