OPINION: MCSD should hire Orsini and save $20K

I don’t attend many McKinleyville Community Services District Board of Directors’ meetings these days;  chalk it up to laziness or old age, whatever. However I follow their antics, with special thanks to  Jack Durham, publisher of the McKinleyville Press.

Sometimes, let’s say quite often, the MCSD board aggravates me as it should you. Now we need a new MCSD manager to succeed Norm Shopay who, recently, and most unfortunately  died.

It seems to me that Greg Orsini, Operations Director, and now interim manager would be the logical person to  become General Manager. He has hands-on  experience and has served the district well with his knowledge.

Long-time ex employee Sharon Denison, now retired, feels this way too, as do a large number of current employees.

But… but… what do the majority of the Board decide? They want to hire some  Head Hunters  with a possible cost to you and me of $20,000 or more. Well, we know the Board of Directors doesn’t worry about how much they spend of our hard earned income, after all, they gave themselves a raise a few months ago and allow more meetings for more pay.

Selecting the  prospects  provided from the Head Hunters will mean more paid meetings, will it not?  At this  point I want to thank Bill Wennerholm for his support of Orsini. (Gee Bill, it must be a serious matter if I am thanking you, but I do! You owe me!)

Thank you President Dennis Mayo too, I am sorry that under the  rules you were not allowed to second Bill’s motion for Orsini. You chaps have the correct logic and recognize the unnecessary machinations by other Board members.

I am very disappointed that the majority of the Board chose not to take the wise course of appointing Greg Orsini as new General Manager rather than copping out and seeking new blood from Head Hunters and getting who knows what. The first corporation that employed me when arriving in this country worked by succession and it worked very well.

The CEO  (Chairman of the Board) always  rose through the ranks. I achieved management by starting in the warehouse and rising through the ranks as did most employees. I think the Board’s decision shows weakness by not recognizing the ability of MCSD employees and also POSSIBLY removes  Orsini from the promotion he deserves.

In addition Orsini, if he’s nopt hired, will be stuck by  having to train the new manager.  The Board disregards the wishes of employees and the  public in my opinion. They don’t have enough confidence so they just want a crutch. It’s a shame!