OBITUARIES: Windes, Bugenig

Ron Windes
? – Feb. 11, 2013
“Windy,” also known as Ron and Road Dog, died unexpectedly on Feb. 11, 2013 in Genoa, Nev. at the age of 58.
Her was a seasonal resident of McKinleyville, staying at the Yo Yo Farm of Michael Blue Eagle when in town.
Ron was a proud Navy veteran and served during the Vietnam era.
Ron enjoyed strong beer and Mexican food. He loved to fish and travel and received extreme pleasure sitting around the campfire drinking his beer and talking in the evening at the farm.
He was an avid listener of “Coast to Coast A.M.” on the radio and gained a shared great knowledge of the news and adventures told on that radio show.
Ron had a love of all people and all that came to know him loved him too.
Finally for Ron,
When the high desert you roam makes you long for your coastal home, then going there and the storms of winter set in, damn if the high desert looks good once again.
Hold tight to your kite, Windy. Enjoy the ride.

Eleonora Celeste Pialorsi Bugenig Feb. 8, 1923 – Feb. 27, 2013
What comes to Mind? Eleonora’s face exuded the classic glamor of the cinema stars admired in the late 1930s and 1940s era. Beyond her beauty: A culinary wizard akin to the Barefoot Contessa – she prepared a bountiful feast at a moments notice.
If you were lucky enough to sit at her table, you looked forward to a repeat invitation. Her door was always open; a pillow for your head.
Eleonora had a spiritual connection to the earth and to nature. Her magic was evident in her garden – vegetables and flowers. Many received gifts of her red pepper relish, pomegranate jelly, and huge, meaty, sweet, luscious tomatoes.
Eleonora loved all animals. She nurtured and healed countless – horned owls, wild cats, jack rabbits, and even a king snake, that she sent to live at the Portland Zoo.
Her faith was strong in God and in the Catholic Church. Each morning began with prayers; saying the rosary, usually with a Siamese cat by her side.
Eleonora Celeste Pialorsi was born in Northern Italy, immigrated to the US where she resided with her family in Humboldt County.
She married Charles William Bugenig in 1947. Eleonora and Charlie had four children, Carla, Dale, David and Julianne.
The family relocated to the valley town of Williams where Eleonora and Charlie resided nearly 50 years. Preceded in death by husband Charles William Bugenig, she leaves behind her children: Carla Bugenig Schaad Thaden, (Michael), Dale Bugenig (Debra), David (Chris), and Julianne Bugenig Kopan Youngs (William).Grandmother to Christian, Lawrence (Kirsten), Victoria (Jon), Corey (Aimee), Charlie (Neialia), Pete, Sarah (Joe), Nick, Lydia, Lina and Katelyn. Great-Grandmother to Faith, Stevie, Cash and Matthew. She leaves friends and relatives of the earth, and is sitting now with our father and all her loved ones in heaven.
We thank the Lord. She was strong willed and stubborn beyond belief; was emotionally independent – somewhat a loner, and content to be of that nature. What are her colors? Blue – (the color of her eyes), and lavender For those of you, who knew her, remember her with fond memories. There will be a graveside service at Ocean View Cemetery/St. Bernard’s to be announced in the near future.