MUTTERINGS: Let’s restore the railroad to San Francisco!

Trains, Trains, Trains! That is what I am muttering and  mumbling about in this column. I want a train running down the middle  of Central Avenue. Don’t get upset! I mean an electric-powered one sparking its wa  tgeoffboxthisoneo Eureka where we can board a train to all points south, east and north, including the Bay area.  It’s time!

I have just arrived home from Sacramento where I attended a hobby meet  as I have done for the last 25 years. I have a full boot ( sorry, trunk)  and the back seat full of hobby items which are necessary for the required fun and camaraderie. I have to drive for several reasons; to ship the items and fly is VERY expensive and shipping nearly always destroys  the hobby items. Greyhound is not practical either. Flying is also out of the question as TSA is very narrow minded about our little live steam trains. The agents are not kept properly  informed with this narrow minded policy, excluding our local airport’s TSA agents  who have a very good reputation!  Really! I kid you not!

So I and many others in Humboldt are in a trap and rail travel would solve the problem for many. But “no” say the soothsayers who object to any rail line  south. Many of the  same folks  don’t want the highways improved either. “Watch out, the monster trucks will get you!” I  certainly don’t want monster trucks but the population is going to expand and we can’t stop it. All of us who live here are just as responsible for the growth as newcomers and I believe rail is the best solution unless we have mule trains which might  satisfy a few! Another alternative could be fast transportation  to and from the south and north by vessels such as hover craft.

Who knows, but let’s go for rail!

I would like to thank all those I meet who tell me they  enjoy my  columns and ask why I don’t write more, so tell Jack Durham,  publisher/editor/chief bottle washer and adventurer. He is on Facebook. Join him there and you will know what I mean.

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