MCSD may get artsy fartsy

Over on Sutter Road sits the office of the McKinleyville Community Services District. Its walls are often covered with drawings of sewer lines, charts showing the nutrient levels of the town’s wastewater and other bland graphics related to the district’s core services.

But if MCSD Finance Director Colleen Trask gets her way, at least one room in the office will be filled with art with the theme “The Beauty of Humboldt.”

At the MCSD meeting tonight, April 3 at 1620 Pickett Road, the MCSD board will consider Trask’s proposal to showcase various local artists in the district’s conference room.

If the idea is approved, artists will be invited to submit a portfolio of works they wish to display. If the works are consistent with the theme and appropriate for a public space, they’ll be displayed for six months at a time.