McK SENIOR CENTER: Show up July 25 for cheap firewood

Another reminder that the wood voucher people will be at the McKinleyville Senior Center Thursday, July 25, ffrom 9 a.m. until noon and 1 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. They will be here one day only.

mckseniorcenterbox.If you are planning on purchasing a wood voucher please bring with you photo ID and proof of income (2012 tax return, 2 paycheck stubs, Social Security verification, etc.) wood is sold on a sliding scale according to your income.

The cost to have the wood delivered to your home in not included in the cost of the wood voucher, you pay the delivery person when the wood is delivered. Please remind any friends and family members who may be interested as they are only in McKinleyville for one day each year. This program is for low and moderate income families with members 55+ years old residing in the household.

The Tuesday morning OsteoX and Stretching classes will be held at their normal regular times. The Parks and Recreation group that was going to meet in the Hewitt Room has been cancelled.

I was reading the AARP monthly magazine yesterday and saw an article regarding medical alert scams. The advice given in the article says: If it sounds too good to be true it is probably a scam. Flee from free  – this type of equipment is not normally covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid – if it might be covered it would have to have your doctor’s recommendation and you would know about it in advance. Reject robocalls – unsolicited prerecorded sales calls are the work of scammers. Don’t respond to “opt out” of future calls – that alerts scammers to a working phone number. And, lastly, don’t pay for anything you didn’t order. Recently a woman came to the Center with a computer virus she got from the “something is wrong with your computer” call. Her caller ID said it was a call from Suddenlink – but it wasn’t Suddenlink – so be really cautious. You can look up the local number and call it if you are unsure, also it helps the local company know someone is using their name in the scam.