LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Years of public input tossed aside by supervisors

Dear Editor:

That four of our supervisors could so easily ignore years of public input at well- publicized public hearings and change the basic ground rules for the proposed general plan is offensive and disturbing.

By changing the guiding principles for a new general plan this late in the process, these supervisors are exchanging their viewpoints and that of others who share their same values for the information on the values of the total community.

It is like listening to an echo if you surround yourself only with others who share your beliefs instead of carefully listening to the many that testify and then making a decision based on what seems the direction best for all.

The guiding principles for the general plan were not just pulled out of some planner’s hat or taken from a planning manual, but rather they were drawn up after numerous public hearings and input from citizens all over the county.

It is a flagrant abuse of public trust and gross negligence of duty to act in a manner that is so self- serving for a chosen few.  If these actions hold, it will set the whole general plan process back to the beginning.

Mary Gearheart



‘Revised’ principles cooked up behind closed doors


It was shocking to see the disregard for public process and for the efforts of the Planning Commission, the attendees at years of Planning Commission meetings, and the work of the Planning Department staff demonstrated by the Board of Supervisors in the straw poll vote taken on the “revised” General Plan Guiding Principles.

How is it even possible that a vote of such importance could be announced with merely three days notice?  How is it possible that these “revised” principles could be cooked-up behind closed doors and then sprung on the public in such a manner?

These are NOT minor edits but are major revisions, particularly eliminating all reference to protecting forests and farmland from further subdivision.  In addition, the board voted to remove a key principle that spoke to the importance of including actionable plans for funding critical infrastructure needs.

As a member of the Board of the Weott Community Services District I can tell you that our outdated and grossly underfunded water and sewer systems in our community and other small communities like ours are in desperate financial straits.

For these reasons and many others. the Board must reconsider the decision to adopt revised General Plan Guiding Principles to allow sufficient time for public participation and to remedy these and other gross omissions.


Barbara Kennedy



What were they thinking?


Erma Bombeck would have been proud of you for your front page column showing the idiocy of the airport name change supported by the Board of Supervisors.

Most people will have to stop and take a breath before completing all of the “buzz words.” I can’t see anyone using it.

Scott Baker


P.S. I like the new name of your paper.