LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Bring your cash wads to Humboldt

From the 1.30.13 edition.


You reported that the MCSD  Board voted to send a letter of support to the Supervisors regarding the proposed airport name change.

Although you only mentioned a few comments from the Board, I want to thank you for including the remark by Helen Edwards.  Her contention that the word Humboldt has a negative connotation gave me a chuckle.

If anything, it may be the best way to attract the tourist dollar, especially those with disposable incomes. Hasn’t she noticed the amount of cash that is consistently found with the drug busts? Get those people’s cash wads out up here in Humboldt and let it trickle down as it has been doing for years, supporting many of the retailers in the area. Did Las Vegas become popular just because they have a few shows?

Why don’t they put “golf” in the airport name. That may attract a different, big-monied group. Could Samoa become a golf resort?

Actually, I wish the county would consider The Redwood IHHS Memorial to Humboldt Supervisors Airport. Another $20,000 to fund a questionable project versus boosting the paltry wages of the IHHS workers.  There just isn’t any money for them, you know.

Hope we don’t attract too many old folks here. There’s no future or appreciation for that kind around here, at least at the county level.

And who’s coming, whatever it’s called, if there’s only one air carrier and unpredictable arrival/departures?


Tom Lurtz



Thank you

 from church


Javan Reid, longtime pastor of Grace Good Shepherd Church in McKinleyville, retires on January 31st. He will start a new chapter with his wife and sidekick, Alex Reid.  They have been, and will continue to be, a gift to those who know them.  A very well attended celebration was held on Friday, January

25th at the church to honor them and their service to the church and community.  It was a great party. We want to thank all the folks who came to celebrate with us and those who made it all possible. A special thank you goes out to Sun Valley for the donation of beautiful flowers.

Barbara Brimlow and Chris Callahan

and the Celebration committee, GGS