LETTERS: Another idiot with a spray can; time for Johnson to resign


Maybe a month ago, I spent considerable time and money to fix and repaint my fence.  This evening I came home to find day-glo blue and orange spots on my nice white fence.

This is not “urban art” (what a stupid phrase), it is vandalism and it is a crime that is punishable by jail time, monetary fines, or both.

Those of you who never took the time to teach your child to respect the property of others might want to consider that he/she may learn that lesson in jail after he/she is caught and prosecuted.

Patricia Watson



Time for 

Johnson to resign


As a former NHUHSD trustee I am not only appalled by find Dan Johnson’s plagiarism and his continuing silence on the matter, I am also shocked at the lack of public response by the school board and administration as a whole.

At the least I would have expected a timely public response from the district stating that the board and administration understand the seriousness of the issue, and plan to not only review it’s by-laws for specific clauses that may address plagiarism by a board member, but also make a commitment to exploring appropriate, and timely, action.

The public is rightfully outraged.  Charitable and/or civic activity cannot excuse Mr. Johnson’s plagiarism.  Students are not allowed the luxury of their positive attributes excusing their plagiarism. The rules and consequences for a student are very clear, and severe.  Why should anything less apply to a school board member? Neither can raising the possibility of Mr. Johnson’s ignorance of that particular ethical standard in education minimize or excuse his actions.

In my opinion there is only one thing that can adequately address Mr. Johnson’s breach of those ethics: his resignation.

I would encourage the public to attend the next regularly scheduled NHUHSD Board meeting, Tuesday August 13, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. on the McKinleyville High School campus in the multi-purpose room.  More than likely Mr. Johnson’s plagiarism will not be a specific, agendized item.  As a specific item relating to a specific person it would normally be addressed in closed session.  However, a review of the by-laws concerning the general issue of plagiarism by a board member can be agendized.  In either event, the public is given time at the beginning of all NHUHSD Board meetings to speak on any issue they please, including, specifically, Mr. Johnson’s plagiarism.


Kathleen Marshall, RN

Former NHUHSD Board Member


How about removing the panhandlers?

Hey Jack,

I don’t really care if Arcata’s town fathers want to make their town TOTALLY smoke-free.  If they have time for that then they should have time to remove all the panhandlers that grace the street corners and benches.

John Arata


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