LETTER: Johnson has suffered profound intolerable intolerance

Dear Editor:

Concerning the kerfuffle over NHUHSD Board member Dan Johnson’s speech to graduating seniors, I think that folks are selling Johnson short.  It is not just the graduating class and their families, but the whole Humboldt newspaper-reading community that now understands the verb “to plagiarize.” So let’s give Dan some credit for the lesson.

And not only that lesson did he give us, not at all.  Who among us cannot appreciate his ethical justification?  “I am comfortable in the knowledge that [my critics’] intolerence, so readily on display, is a far more profound flaw than mine.”  In other words:  I just possibly might have done something wrong, but my critics are way wronger than me by pointing it out.

Some folks might quibble about Johnson’s comfortable ethical standards, but he seems to indicate that he has suffered some truly profound intolerable intolerance, so give the poor guy a break.

Graduating AHS seniors please note:  It is absolutely OK to put the ethical part of your brain to sleep in a Dan Johnson world.

Diane Fairchild Beck