LETTER: End marijuana prohibition and you’ll end the eco destruction and many other problems


Regarding the article “Outrageous Destruction” in last week’s McKinleyville Press, we mustn’t forget the destruction of people’s lives in this “War on Drugs.”

I would suggest we learn from the years of alcohol prohibition and how denying people something they obviously want brings in organized crime elements and the resulting damages.

Of course legal alcohol is not without its problems but at least it can be regulated.  We don’t hear of turf wars over beer distribution, do we?

Yes, The Weed should be legal and some states are moving in that direction. After all, it’s not a dangerous drug, is it? And it doesn’t make much sense to waste

taxpayer’s dollars chasing this dragon. does it?

And after pot is legalized, you won’t see the outrageous profits that fuel all this destruction your article mentioned. And the police can move on to solving real crimes.

George Kirkpatrick