FROM ALL ANGLES: Why not repair Hammond Bridge?

From the 1.30.13 edition.

On my mind: Sadness. The county has high hopes to demolish the historic Hammond Bridge as it is rotting away and will be unsafe in ten years, so the County Public Works thinks.

allanglesboxThe other “high hopes” are to have it replaced with some concrete structure for around $3.5 million of our tax money. The bridge has some rust because the County has failed maintenance, in my humble opinion.

I wonder: has the County had estimates by qualified contractors to inspect and bid on repairs such as sandblasting etc.? Oh – sandblasting and the lead from the old paint! The County engineers will scream, I suspect, that it will pollute the river kill, the fish and add to global warming no doubt!

I believe that destroying the bridge will cause more pollution than any repairs. Too boot, the sandblasting fall out can be controlled as it was on the repairs to the bridge just north of Eureka. The bridge as it stands now, is forecast to last a decade, then let it last until then, it will surely last for another decade or two or far into the future if repaired in a few years. It was designed for engines to haul heavy logs and the only weight it bares now is a few walkers. cyclists an occasional illegal motor bike.

The bridge is our valuable history, a nostalgic landmark which

beckons from wherever it can be seen. It is beautiful. Let’s keep it

and I hope the “high hopes” of the county become forgotten hopes

buried in the river!

One more point: The monies required should go to our road repairs won’t last another decade. Many are about to be gone in a year

or less, or have already gone! Let the County use common and caring


With tears – thanks to the Press for bringing this to our attention.