FROM ALL ANGLES: Here’s to your health & the pros that help maintain it

From the 1.9.13 Opinion page

By Geoff Spenceley


I’d like to first wish you all a Happy New Year so I’ll do it this way: Looking ahead. I wish everyone of you a great 2013 with very fond memories of a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2012.

allanglesbox  At my advanced age I had a couple of medical issues (not life threatening). My high living takes care of that plus the huge hospital charges, even though Medicare and supplementary insurance paid most of it – so far, that is. So these health issues started me thinking about local care and what I think of it.

Firstly, my primary care doctor is Doctor Robert Mott. I have always found my visits to be very satisfactory with little waiting. The staff is excellent too, warm and friendly. Dr Mott doesn’t hesitate to phone me on issues which few doctors seem to do these days, based on my own experience. I guess, that is because he is really is a family doctor.

My local tooth grinder – that is dentist to you – is Doc Greg Mellon. If a visit to a dentist’s office can be an enjoyable event then his office fits the bill, really! He and his staff have a great sense of humor so you don’t need laughing gas!  He is inventive and imaginative and has saved me many dollars repairing  my aging teeth and worn out partials!

Next there is Dr. Phillip Ruprecht and his staff at the McKinleyville Optometric Center. Not only is Dr. Ruprecht  excellent at his profession, his staff will do everything they can to repair damaged specs, (such as being caused by sitting on them glasses, my specialty) instead of informing you that you must have new ones.

I must not miss mentioning the Mad River Physical Therapy, Rehab and Sports Center. You can have your blood drawn there too, and Michael does a gentle draining of the vampire food (they don’t get any!)  Michael is also an excellent musician. Talent abounds in McKinleyville!

I am sure there are many other excellent medical facilities in Mack Town. However these comments are based on my own experiences.

There you have it. I want to write about Steve Moser next time! Time to roast!