FROM ALL ANGLES: Geoff & Queenie strike a deal with their cat

I should dedicate this column to our friend and writer Lucile Manley, who left us last year and is most surely living  happily with all her cats in heaven!

allanglesboxSo, all cat lovers and cat servants here we go: My wife and I have been two care givers for our sweet little Emmie for 14 years now and after much  discussion (tea for Queenie, ale for me) we decided it was time for her to  contribute some money towards our dedication and obedience over all the years.

After more ale and unmatched courage, I gingerly approached her and suggested very gently that the two of us should receive compensation for all our loving and unselfish care.

I nervously explained that the going rate for two caregivers is $40 per hour. In cat talk, which I understand, she balked, telling us that she has no allowance, so no money, yet she entertains the two of us and relieves stress (which we have plenty of!). She wants 40 bucks for an hour 24/7 and she was very adamant. You all know how cats can be!

So after lying on the bed with her, with many strokes, belly rubs, ear scratching, purrs and treats (more ale for me) we negotiated a settlement. It goes like this as I vaguely recall  We write a check to her at the end of the week for entertainment and stress relief at 40 bucks an hour, 24/7. Then she endorses the check over to us for 40 bucks an hour, 24/7 for two care givers.

What a deal, we made out like bandits – er – didn’t we? Emmie tells us we did! Meeow!