Fast-talking, head-rocking man batters brain with too many stimulants

Thursday, Feb. 28

9:08 a.m. – Deputies arrested Tyler Cobley on suspicion of public intoxication and booked him into the county jail after a welfare check at the bus stop on the 1600 block of Central Avenue.

sheriffslogboxFriday, March 1

5:02 p.m. – Someone used a counterfeit $20 bill at Ramone’s at the McKinleyville Shopping Center.

Saturday, March 2

12:33 p.m. – Jeannie Corlett had one too many drinks at Cher-Ae Heights Casino. She was found on the bathroom floor. She was so hammered that she couldn’t stand up without help. Deputies arrested Ms. Corlett on suspicion of being drunk in public and provided her with lodging at the county jail.

Sunday, March 3

2:30 a.m. – Over on Bolier Street, a couple got into a fight. Charmaine Andrews-Stapp and Peter Bangsund were both arrested on suspicion of violation of a domestic violence restraining order. They had both been served with orders against each other.

Monday, March 4

7:22 a.m. – A couple broke up on Dow’s Prairie Road. It went from bad to worse when the former lovers began pushing, shoving and punching. Deputies were called to the scene. No arrests were made, but a report was taken.

8:51 a.m. – Robert Ganfield was drunk. He fell and hit his head. He was bleeding, but he refused medical treatment. Deputies arrived, arrested Mr. Ganfield on suspicion of public intoxication and took him to Mad River Community Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

11:03 a.m. – A bicycle and even a pair of shoes were stolen from a patio on Gassaway Road in McKinleyville.

12:29 p.m. – Martin Byrd was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in public on North Westhaven Drive near Trinidad.

2:19 p.m. – Over near Roger’s Market on School Road, Robert Yarbrough was flying high on stimulants of some sort. He couldn’t stand still. His arms and legs were in constant motion. His head was rocking back and forth and he spoke rapidly. Deputies arrived and arrested Mr. Yarbrough on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance and violating parole. He was taken to Mad River Community Hospital for treatment to mellow him out.

Tuesday, March 5

10:17 a.m. – A resident on the 1000 block of Hiller Road discovered that a garden shed was burglarized by one or more of the thieves that pillage through McKinleyville’s neighborhoods each night.

11:11 a.m. – Someone stole a cord of firewood from a resident in the 2200 block of Second Road.

6:23 p.m. – A package was delivered to a home on Sutter Road and left on the porch. When the resident came home, the package was gone.

11:26 p.m. – On Ocean Drive, and male and a female were arguing. Deputies were summoned.