Central Avenue median scrapped

A proposal to build a raised median strip down Central Avenue is officially dead.

Humboldt County Public Works Director Tom Mattson confirmed last week that his department scrapped the proposal after the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee unanimously voiced its opposition to the project earlier this year.

Confusion arose last week after the McKinleyville Press printed an article in which Deputy Director of Public Works Chris Whitworth said that the county is still exploring the idea of a median strip, which he said could “take a variety of forms.”

What Whitworth didn’t make clear is that the median strip, as it was proposed, is clearly off the table.

The median would have run down the middle of Central Avenue from Hiller Road to School Road. It would have included left-hand turn pockets.

The median would have been paid for with $800,000 in  grant funding. That money is earmarked for traffic safety improvements on Central between Hiller and School roads. The money is still available for other improvements within this area.

Mattson said the county would like to get public input and explore different ideas for improving the stretch of roadway. Mattson stressed that if McKinleyville residents don’t want anything done to Central Avenue, the county will drop the entire project.

One thought on “Central Avenue median scrapped

  1. Thanks for the clarification.

    I know our Supervisor Sundberg was also involved in clarifying this confusion.

    I will be sending in two suggestions as to how to spend some of that grant money.

    Good to see and hear the county does listen to both the MMAC and the public.

    Folks, give this a lot of thought for meaningful improvements. Be practical. Figure out something that benefits the under-served and less vocal of our neighbors.

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