Bank of America to close McKinleyville branch (and one in Eureka too)

The McKinleyville branch of Bank of America – a fixture at the McKinleyville Shopping Center for nearly half a century – will close down on Aug. 16.

McKinleyville branch of Bank of America

McKinleyville branch of Bank of America

Bank of America recently sent letters to its customers informing them that the McKinleyville branch, as well as the one on Fourth Street in Eureka, will be shuttered due to a decline in transactions.

“The decision to close banking centers is not an easy one, and is driven primarily by a decline in transactions, as customers increasingly rely on other channels such as mobile and online banking,” stated Colleen Haggerty of Bank of America Media Relations in an email to the McKinleyville Press.

“In this case, we expect minimal impact given the proximity of three other full service banking centers in Eureka, Arcata and Fortuna,” Haggerty wrote. “We notified customers by letter 90 days in advance to give them ample time to become familiar with their banking options.”

For McKinleyville customers who want to visit a Bank of America branch, the closest option will be the BofA branch on the Arcata Plaza. For some customers, like McKinleyville resident Mary McCarthy, this will be too much of an inconvenience.

“We’re going to leave the bank,” said McCarthy, who has had an account with BofA since 1969. The McKinleyville branch, at the corner of Central Avenue and Hiller Road, opened in 1964.

McCarthy said she does some of her banking online, but wants to still have the option of going to the bank and talking to real people. Driving to Arcata and dealing with the problems on the Plaza is too much of a hassle, she said.

McCarthy said she was surprised by her bank’s decision to close the McKinleyville branch.

“I think McKinleyville is on the way up. It’s going to grow,” McCarthy said.

McKinleyville resident Matthew Gatlin said he was also surprised by the closure. Gatlin said he and his wife Geraldine have grown up with the bank, having financed their McKinleyville home through BofA back in 1965. “We were there when they first started,” he said.

Gatlin said he plans to move his money to a bank with a local branch,

“We want to stay local. By local I mean McKinleyville,” Gatlin said.

Gatlin said he visited the McKinleyville branch last week after receiving the letter. The mood among the employees was somber.

It’s unclear how many employees will lose their jobs when the branches are closed.

When asked about this, Haggerty responded “We do not disclose the number of employees at our banking centers.  When a banking center closes, we will work to help find them other roles within the company whenever possible.”

McKinleyville has two other banks and a credit union. North Valley Bank is located 1640 Central Avenue. Umpqua Bank is located at 2095 Central Avenue. Coast Central Credit Union has two locations in McKinleyville – one at 1968 Central Avenue and another inside the Ray’s Food Place at 1580 Central Avenue.

11 thoughts on “Bank of America to close McKinleyville branch (and one in Eureka too)

  1. Well, doesn’t that just take the cake.

    Those money grubbing bastards at BofA took bail out money to save themselves.
    They didn’t turn around to help anyone with loans. They kept it and invested it for themselves.

    This is how greedy they are. Absolutely dismissing their customers by just taking away the bank local services.

    All that bad karma plus they have just put several dozens of folks out of a job.

    The bank saying it will help them find other jobs is a joke. If there were other openings, they would have already hired someone to fill the position.

    Even if there were other jobs, just how far would folks have to travel to get to work or worse yet, would they need to completely move?

    I have always hated BofA.

    They were notorious crooks and thieves way back in the 70’s. They have just gotten better at it.
    ….and yet, no one is ever held accountable much less go to jail….they just get bonuses.

    • When I was in the service, I had my accounts at the Mack branch. and had direct deposit as most service men did at the time. when I returned home, I showed I had a hundred or so dollars in my savings account. all others had been closed due to access problems to BofA at the time. I was told that they closed my accounts due to lack of activity and just took my money. I have hated that bank ever since, to me that is VERY unfair practices. and when you are just starting a new live back home after being in the service, every dime counts. they were not help. I personally am glad to see them go,. But I sincerely hope all the employees can find a better place to work. I know it is not them, it is the bank polices.

  2. this is a great opportunity for people in mack town to switch to a credit union for their personal banking needs. remember, credit unions are not designed to create profit for their shareholders. there are many benefits from using credit unions and there is a coast central credit union branch in mckinleyville! this seems like a win-win opportunity for some people.

  3. The CCCU is nice, but they cannot even deposit a check over a thousand dollars without some supervisor’s approval – even when it’s an official check. It’s so lame. also, their online banking sucks.

    • I agree with the online banking change over. and it really messed with my quicken 2010, had to purchase the new version to get it to do the downloads I needed. but now that it is resolved. I tolerate the rest. I do like the new bill pay section and it is free where before it was $.60 for each. so like with any institution there are pros and cons. but they have never tried to screw me over, they in fact have bent over backwards to work with my on my home loan and other banking issues that are not the norm.

  4. another empty building while so many go homeless and in so doing ruin public and private areas and become just weaker and more damaged themselves.

    how about putting some cots and blankets in there for a shelter and using another empty building for a day center for those in need?

    so much bumper sticker pride expressed for rescuing dogs – rescuing dog owners who have lost jobs and homes/apts? – not so much. ive not seen a single “i rescue people” or “i rescue dogs by helping their owners who invested money time and so much energy and love in their dogs adopted from shelters or strays rescued off the streets only to find themselves abandoned by their fellow humans.”

  5. Republican tea party is pocketing the money. I’m democrat for life. Rob Arkley is evil like tea party

  6. This has nothing to do with the fact that there is no money in McKinleyville. It is all the evil Republicans and Tea Party members right? Get a clue people.

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