2 1/2 months of sickness courtesy the flu & dehydration

Well, I’m back. I have been sick for the past two and one half months. I reminded people to get their flu shots, wash their hands with hot soapy water to the “happy birthday” tune – twice – mckseniorcenterbox.cover when you cough and to stay away from sick people. I followed all of my own advice and still managed to get the flu.

I drank fluids but still got dehydrated and wound up in the hospital (twice). While in the hospital and later when talking with others who had the flu I found a very common ailment. Most people became dehydrated.

I drank a lot of water between hospital stays but what no one told me was that I should have been drinking fluids with electrolytes; it can be enhanced water or sport drinks. I know the flu season is pretty much past for this year and I do plan on reminding everyone next flu season about my experience so that you may be able to avoid falling victim to the nasty bugs that arrive every winter.

That being said, soup this week at the Center will be Taco prepared by guest chef Fran. The cost is $2 for soup and bread. The Center will stop serving soup during the summer months but we are planning on serving food every Thursday.

Watch this article and the Centerline newsletter for the weekly menu. Soup will start again in the fall when the weather begins to cool.

The end of the month luncheon will be held on April 24th at noon. Jean and her crew will be serving Pasta with Meatballs, salad, bread and dessert for $4.00. Please reserve your spot by 4pm, Friday April 19.

Reserve your spot when you are at the Center or by calling 839-0191 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. It’s great food and even better company.

And, to work off all of this good food the Center offers several exercise classes. Tai-Chi, OsteoX and PM exercise. Check out the Centerline and the Tuesday Times Standard for days and hours the classes are offered. We also are forming a walking group if you prefer to be outdoors.


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