10 Reasons to Advertise in the Mighty McKinleyville Press

1. REACH A FEW THOUSAND READERS. The dead tree version of the McKinleyville Press is read by people in McKinleyville, Fieldbrook, Trinidad, Orick, Big Lagoon, Arcata, Eureka and throughout Humboldt County. Thousands of eyes will see your advertisement.


2. REACH A FEW MORE THOUSAND FOR FREE. If you advertise in the McKinleyville Press, we’ll give you a free advertisement on our website, which is visited by thousands of additional readers every week. We can link your ad to your website or Facebook page at no additional charge. With our groovy new website, which is packed with news, you’ll more than double the number of people who see your ad.


3. PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ THE PRESS AND WILL SEE YOUR AD. The McKinleyville Press has a paid circulation. People subscribe to the paper or buy it from newsstands. That means everyone who gets the Press wants the Press. It’s not one of those freebie papers that gets tossed on your lawn and then deposited in the trash without getting read.


4. AD WON’T GET LOST. The McKinleyville Press is a compact little paper with eight to 10 pages once a week. Your ad isn’t going to get buried in the C, D or E sections like in other newspapers.


5. FULL COLOR. We can print your ad in full color. What’s not to like about that?


6. FREE AD DESIGN. We’re a full-service operation. Tell us what you want and we’ll design an ad for you. There’s no charge.


7. CREDIBILITY. The McKinleyville Press is an old-fashioned community newspaper. It’s a trusted publication with a loyal readership. We’ve been doing this journalism thing for 17 years and people like us. Hop aboard and join us by becoming a regular advertiser.


8. LOCALLY OWNED. The McKinleyville Press is a locally owned, non-corporate newspaper. What little money the paper makes gets spent locally.


9. REMIND PEOPLE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. Maybe your business has been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows about it. New people move to town all the time. And some of the people who knew about your business in the past may have forgotten about you. Advertise in the Press and remind everyone that you exist.


10. GET MORE CUSTOMERS AND BEAT THE COMPETITION. If you want more customers, you need to market your business. Newspaper advertising is the tried and true way of doing this. Get your name out there. Get more customers. Advertise!

For information about advertising, visit our advertising page. It includes all the prices, sizes and more. We can make ads to fit ANY budget. Email news@mckinleyvillepress.com
or call Jack at (707) 839-0795.